10 Benefits to Owning an Apple Computer


According to one report, there are at least two Apple devices in the average American household. From smartphones to tablets, Mac is preferred over many other brands. 

Are you looking to buy a new desktop or laptop computer? If so, it pays to check out Apple’s latest offerings. These are some of the smartest and most advanced machines on the market, backed by a name you can trust.

Today, we’re sharing 10 of the top reasons why it’s smart to own an Apple computer and where you can find one today!

1. Unparalleled Connectivity

If you’ve ever stepped foot into an Apple Store, then you know that all of the devices are designed to work in conjunction with one another. Your laptop and your cell phone are synched, along with your Apple Watch and your iPad. 

You only have to enter data or upload an image one time for it to automatically update across the network. This makes life in the Digital Age infinitely easier, especially for busy adults. With a PC, this same process is possible but it often takes longer to sync devices on the Windows platform.

2. Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is how much you’ll pay over the lifetime of your product. It includes not only the up-front purchase price but also other costs you’ll incur over the years, such as maintenance and repair fees.

While a Windows PC might cost less up front, you could easily wind up paying more for it down the road. Plus, you’ll need to factor in depreciation. It can be nearly impossible to sell a Windows computer for the same price that you pay for it, but the same doesn’t hold true for a Mac. 

As a general rule, Macs tend to sell for more than PCs, even with machines that have similar specs, mostly due to supply and demand. If you plan to switch machines in a few years, then a Mac is the way to go.

3. Industry-Leading Durability

Put simply, Macs are made to work. Years ago, the common belief was that these computers were used mostly for creative endeavors, such as video editing. Now, that’s nowhere near the case.

Rather, you’ll find that most Mac computers come equipped with plenty of RAM to handle even the most robust jobs. Some of the Pro-level machines have up to 128 gigabytes!

4. Excellent Usability

Mac designers put a ton of thought into the principles of ergonomic design. Desktops come with ultra-wide 11-inch to 17-inch screens that are both portable and comfortable to use.

Other features might be less obvious, but they’re equally important. Tools such as one-touch brightness control make it a cinch to work from anywhere, at any time of day. 

When it’s time to buckle down and get to work, you can also utilize resources that help you make the most of the web. For instance, a site like https://setapp.com/ can show you how to block websites on your Mac to ensure an uptick in productivity.

5. Easier to Buy

One of the top reasons to switch to Mac? The buying process is simpler and more straightforward. Sure, you want plenty of options when you’re browsing new devices, but you don’t want to be inundated with all sorts of bells and whistles.

This is where the minimalistic nature of the Mac brand truly shines. There are relatively few machines to compare, but you know that each will deliver a solid value. Instead of spinning your wheels and wasting your time mulling over intricate details, you can go straight to the best one for your needs.

6. Superior Virus Protection 

One thing that helps Mac users sleep better at night? Their machines are less likely to fall victim to hackers and cybercriminals than PCs. While they can get viruses, there are simply fewer malware programs designed to target the Mac operating system. 

As Windows is arguably the better-known OS of the two, most cyberattacks are designed to infiltrate those systems instead. While this doesn’t mean that anti-virus precautions aren’t necessary, it is a benefit to know.

7. Less Third-Party Interference

Put simply, Mac makes the computers that it sells. On the other hand, if you have an issue with Windows, then you’ll also need to contend with your computer manufacturer. This might be Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Lenovo, or a host of other companies.

It can be confusing to know who to call and where to turn. At the same time, there are other third-party manufacturers to deal with, including those that make the components and peripherals of your machine. If you run into an issue with your Mac device, you can call Apple Support for a quick resolution. 

8. The Ease of Time Machine

Time Machine is the backup feature built into every Mac desktop operating system. It automatically backs up your personal data, including all of your apps, photos, videos, music, and more. 

If you happen to lose access to your data for any reason, then you can restore it using this feature. While it can be cumbersome and time-consuming to back up your data or save it on a workstation, the app lets you take care of this step with just one click.

9. Simple and Efficient Shortcuts

Sure, you can access keyboard shortcuts on a Windows computer. However, the process isn’t nearly as easy or elegant. With a Mac, these commands are short and simple, and easy to remember. 

This can save you a ton of time during your workday, and help you get more done. For those who are curious, here’s a list of the top 30 shortcuts that every Mac user should know!

10. Sleek Style

There are many technical advantages of Mac over PC. Yet, at the end of the day, we can’t forget about Mac’s sleek and stylish appearance. Since their inception, these machines have led the way in terms of form and function. 

From the clean lines to the classic color schemes, you can’t go wrong with any Mac computer, and you’ll always be the hippest techie in the room.

Are You Ready to Buy an Apple Computer?

There are some investments that you know you’ll never regret. While you might pay a little more for an Apple computer, you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.

These machines are some of the best-built, most-equipped models on the market. For that reason, they’re favored by in-the-know professionals who prefer them over PCs any day of the week.

Looking for more insider advice on everything business-related? We have the informative guides you need, so be sure to check back often!


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