Benefits Of Salesforce Testing



Salesforce testing automation is a software testing approach that automates the testing process. It lessens the manual work required to test and keep track of a system. Opkey salesforce testing automation solutions allow for the automatic execution of the test software at all stages, including installation, setup, execution, verification, and validation.

Why Salesforce Testing?

  1. This enables you to verify that code and settings are working properly.
  2. Assists you in ensuring that the completed system can support that the completed system is capable of supporting the client’s business operations.
  3. Assists you in verifying that the system’s initial build complies with the specified criterionand aids in early problem detection and simple problem resolution.
  4. According to the state of the test cases, functional flows report. This enables the team to develop functional flows to order to understand how the application functions.
  5. You may use the process builders feature to assess the system’s functionality and behaviour.
  6. You may test the functioning of time-based events using workflows.


. Rapid release cycles

Salesforce test automation expedites the testing of your application, enabling you to deliver new features more quickly and get user feedback more quickly. Businesses can safely plan their launches knowing they will effectively, rapidly, and simply deploy high-quality software. With a fixed delivery date, the software development life cycle is reduced from weeks to days.

. Active Monitoring

Salesforce test automation enables you to keep track of changes to your code, allowing you to identify issues before they grow to be more serious problems. You will receive an active snapshot comprising log entries for everything that has occurred up to that moment at each test phase, just in case something goes wrong. This implies that it can assist save time and promptly spot mistakes.

. Increased Return Rate

Salesforce test automation empowers your developers to concentrate on building new features rather than problem fixes, allowing you to speed up and improve the ROI of your application.

. Accessibility

Since Salesforce is a cloud-based solution, it is accessible from any location with Internet connectivity. This extends to mobile devices as well; Salesforce provides an app that you can use to communicate with your team and business at all times. For the hands-on business owner or marketing manager who wants to keep in close contact with their employees, this makes it the ideal fit.

This eliminates the need for a central repository for your data, which is why it is such a significant advantage. There isn’t a file cabinet, local server, or anything else; everything is stored securely and readily accessible on the cloud.

. Knowledgeable Stakeholders

Knowledgeable Stakeholders Additionally, it offers information on the present test status so that they may be aware of any potential problems. Stakeholders can make better business decisions with the aid of these insights.

. Managing time

With thorough client data at your disposal and a plethora of planning tools at your disposal, you automatically reap the rewards of excellent time management. You have all the data you require to set work priorities for your clients, so you may use the same criteria to group jobs for other accounts.

Additionally, you may make better use of your schedule for the day, week, month, or year by using the built-in calendar features. 


Any Salesforce implementation must include Salesforce testing. As you can see, there are several strategies you may apply. Whichever option you pick, you’ll gain from a more reliable and successful Salesforce deployment.


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