Blend function and elegance with maxi and midi skirts


Midi skirts are back in fashion and have evolved to suit new trends. Crop tops and maxi skirts are destined to set the trend this season with their casual elegance and uniqueness. A woman tired of jeans can look forward to wearing her favourite denim skirt the following weekend. 

Printed skirts are good to go for any casual occasion and they reflect the simple heart of the wearer. Embroidered skirts are excellent choices for lovers of intricacy and elegance. They reflect the rich and vibrant emotions of their wearer. The market has skirts fit to express all kinds of personality. 

Flared skirts can draw attention at workplaces, netted skirts define the prettiest future bride at a wedding, and asymmetrical skirts add to comfort and beauty during an evening out for a drink.  Overlapped skirts exude the holiday and leisure mood for an excursion. High waisted skirt flaunts an androgynous personality with a distinctly feminine touch. 

. Maxi Skirts

The best part about this wedding season is that the modern bride can take up a look fit for an Indian bride with a distinctly Western flavour. Future brides can flaunt their desires in lehenga skirts which give the ease of wearing a skirt while keeping a rich and traditional look. Future brides can have great fun at their friends’ weddings in these skirts. 

Lovers of tradition can also go for a khadi cotton skirt with layers that preserves an age-old patriotic tradition with a modern look. Ivory hand-embroidered skirts can exude the true flavour of a regal maiden or bride. 

. Midi Skirts

There is the comfort of handspun denim with its trendiest looks. Peach viscose gathered skirt is a cross between austerity and aesthetics fit to boost simplicity and beauty to stand out in gatherings and parties. Cultural functions are the most suitable in dhoti skirts that exude an ethnic beauty and there is a simplicity to wearing them that allows free movement. 

Style Tips

Circular midi skirts are sweet and homely, silk midi skirts are the best for any party for someone who wants to be the trendsetter for high fashion and royalty. The casual look comes from denim while striped skirts blend sophistication with that coy look. 

Check out multi-designer platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, Aza, Ogaan, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop and others to become a trendsetter. Unique masterpieces from Puro Cosa, AMPM, Aranyani, Ritu Kumar, Payal Singhal, Vipul Shah and Bhavna Kumar will enthral you.

Maxi skirts and midi skirts are best for any family gathering or wedding. You can flaunt that homely look with a touch of elegance and regal flavour. 


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