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You should be here, in this place right now. It’s not because I want you to be or need you to be, it’s just that you should. You know why? Because the people who are here are great people and I love them all so much. They’re my friends and they’re your friends too, but we can’t forget about ourselves! We have to make time for each other if we want to keep these friendships alive – which is something I think everyone would like.” -Cole Swindell body: This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. We all know how it’s easy to get caught up in work or other things, but we have to make time for our friendships because they’re the most important thing! The people who are here with you right now are amazing and deserve your attention more than anyone else does.” -Cole Swindell We don’t want these relationships that we cherish so much to fade away – which is why you need to be present. You should be here too!” – Cole Swindell __ This ties back into what he said before about making time for friends by not letting them slip through the cracks of life. It’s something everyone wants; being there when


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