concepts are ideas that represent ________.,


Concepts are ideas that represent knowledge. These words have been around for a long time and they are usually used to explain or describe something in an abstract way. For example, the concept of “justice” is often used as a broad term which represents various systems of morality and law. Concepts can be applied to any topic: concepts about politics, ethics, theology, physics; concepts about life in ancient Greece or India; even concepts about love! Comment from blog post author: Please tell me if you have any feedback for this section or the rest of the article. I need to know what parts are unclear so that I can clarify them in future revisions. We live in a world full of concepts, and each one represents something different. Concepts are often used as abstract ideas which represent knowledge, morality, law, physics- anything really! They’ve been around since long ago and they still exist today because people find it easier to talk about certain topics using these words than through other ways. For example, justice is usually represented by an idea that means “moral rightness.” It’s very broad though; there are many systems all over the world with their own interpretations on what justice


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