consider a hydrogen atom in the ground state. what is the energy of its electron?,

atom, molecule, hydrogen @ Pixabay

Any student of physics has at one point or another been asked to calculate the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom. The answer is not always straightforward. When you get down to it, there are many different ways to solve this problem and each way will yield a different answer! So what exactly is the energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom? That’s what we’ll be discussing today, so read on for more information! We’re going to look at two different ways of solving this problem. The first is the most straightforward: calculating the energy level by figuring out how much kinetic and potential energy it has, then subtracting them from each other. The second way will show you a more accurate result if there are any external forces acting on the electron (e.g., an electric field). When calculating the total energy of an electron in a hydrogen atom, we must take into account both its kinetic and potential energies before we can figure out what they equal! In other words, when evaluating these types of problems for electrons in atoms, work with their total energies instead of just one type or another so that you don’t overlook anything important! We’ll start


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