consider an experimental setup where charged particles,

electricity, electron, lightning @ Pixabay

Charged particles are everywhere! They’re in the air, on your skin, and even in you. In this post we will explore an experimental setup that investigates charged particle behavior as it relates to energy. *What does an experimental setup look like? Experimental setups are all around us, and the one for this post is no different. The idea behind it is to investigate charged particle behavior as it relates to energy. This experiment can be conducted in a variety of ways, but I will only cover one: by using a Van de Graaff generator. A van de Graaff generator uses electric fields on opposite poles to attract and repel electrons from a belt or cylinder at high speeds (upwards of 30-40 Km/s). This creates an ionized gas cloud that we then use as our test subject! The ions emitted from the cloud’s surface collide with atoms off its surface creating secondary particles including neutr


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