consider the following solvent pairs when mixed,

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SolventIf you are looking to get creative with mixed drinks, then it is important to know which solvent pairs work well together. This blog post will cover the following solvents: apples, oranges, grapefruit, lemonade and cranberry juice. These five solvents can be combined in a number of ways for some interesting results. – Apples and orange juice both have a sweet taste. Mix one cup of either apple or sour apple cider with three cups of pineapple, grapefruit and lemonade for a sweeter tasting drink – Grapefruit is not as acidic as other solvents so it can be paired well with the tartness of cranberry juice to create an interesting flavor profile. Combine two parts grapefruit juice mixed with four parts cranberry juice for refreshingly delicious results. Both fruit juices give this combination plenty of sweetness while still maintaining that tart tanginess from the cranberry’s acidity”.” Apple Juice: Apple season might already be coming to an end but there are ways you can enjoy apples all year if you know what


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