consider these reactions where m represents a generic metal.,

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Metal m is a chemical element with atomic number x. It has an electronegativity of y, and its density is z. Metal m has many uses in the modern world, but it also has some drawbacks to consider before you use it for your project. A balanced reaction: M2 + 2H2 → M3 + 3H4 The balanced reaction is more complex, but it also has a higher yield. You’ll need to consider which type of metal you want for your project and the amount that will be required as well. Numbering: -Balanced Reaction with M = unknown; Z = unknown, Y = unknown, x= unknown; z = unknown.- M + H → MH (x number) ; z quantity predicted by calculations. The calculation predicts an increase in density due to the addition of hydrogen molecules on all sides of this new molecule’s nucleus. We predict that there will be an inert gas formed when a proton from one atom combines with electrons from another atom during ionization or valence change because atomic number y


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