considering the structure of stn, what is the most likely mechanism for its entry into the cell?,

blood, cells, red @ Pixabay

The most likely mechanism for Stn entry into the cell is by endocytosis. Endocytosis is a process where cells engulf proteins or other molecules in fluid from outside of the cell and bring them inside to be used or stored. It begins with invagination, which is when portions of the plasma membrane fold inward to form vesicles. This creates an opening that can be wider than 10 nm across, allowing larger particles like protein complexes to enter the cell through what’s called a “conformational change.” Endocytosis is a continuous process and can happen many times in the course of a day. For example, cells need to have an adequate supply of glucose for energy production; thus endocytosis allows one molecule at time to be taken up by cells from the bloodstream. Stn most likely enters into the cell through this mechanism because it involves vesicles engulfing larger particles like protein complexes that enter as part of a conformational change. The other mechanisms are not strong enough evidence against endocytosis being its entry point . The first mechanism would be phagocytic uptake, where Stn could move along cytoskeletal fibers until they bump into integrin receptors on actin bundles called focal contacts or micro


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