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The trash can is a very important design element in any kitchen. It needs to be attractive, functional and easy for people to use. A lot of people think that it should also be large enough so that the person throwing away their garbage can’t miss it. This article will go over some tips on designing a trash can with the best of these features! -First, you should think about what shape the trash can will be. You want something that is functional and not ugly! The most popular shapes are rectangular or round. Rectangular cans have a front opening for people to throw things in while round cans usually require some kind of lid to close off the top opening. -Next, make sure your garbage can has a surface on which someone could place their hand when sitting at a countertop next to it so they don’t have any trouble reaching over – this helps with stability as well as ease of use! Make sure there’s enough space around the base too; if it’s blocked by other objects, then it won’t work properly! -One option for functionality would be


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