cookies are for closers,

cookie, biscuit, round @ Pixabay

What do you do when a prospect is on the fence? What if they’re not sure that your product or service will work for them? In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to close a deal. We know it can be difficult to convince people of things – especially when those people are on the fence about making a purchase decision. But there’s good news: closing deals isn’t as hard as some might think! There are plenty of strategies you can use to help push prospects over the edge and into conversion-ville. As the saying goes, “Cookies are for closers.” And we’re not talking about just eating them! Here are some of our favorite ways to close a deal: – Create urgency with time limits or limited availability. For example, let prospects know that they’ll have access to an exclusive offer only for a short period of time. This will make people want what you’ve got more than ever before! – Offer something else in addition to your product or service as part of the deal. You might include extra features like installation and/or training services if necessary. That way, customers don’t feel any buyer’s remorse when deciding on their purchase because they didn’t get everything they wanted out of it after all is said and


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