cooking oils should be stored in tightly covered containers in order to:,

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Cooking oils are essential to cooking, but they can be a pain to store. The problem is that cooking oil can go bad and spoil if it isn’t stored properly. If you want to know the best way to store your cooking oils, this post has 13 tips for storing food and cooking oils so they don’t spoil! Tip #13: When storing oils, don’t store them above the stove. The kitchen is a humid environment and it’s best to avoid exposing anything you’re trying to protect from moisture sources. Store your cooking oil on an open shelf or in the pantry where there aren’t any water leaks. Tip #12: If your storage space has high humidity levels like a basement then be sure that food containers have sealed lids so they can keep out excess air as well as moisture which would cause spoilage of food contents. Stuffing paper towels into jars with tight fitting lids will help seal off air inside the jar while allowing for enough fresh oxygen when needed for short-term storage under low-humidity conditions such


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