corona and app inventor can be used to develop ________.,

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The Corona SDK and App Inventor allow for the easy development of games. For those that may not know, Corona is a cross-platform mobile app development framework with a Lua scripting language. It allows developers to create apps written in one codebase and then export them as native applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry 10 devices. This article will go over 4 ways you can use both technologies to develop games. – One way is to create the game’s graphics using App Inventor. You can then use Corona to do all of your game logic and interaction, writing code in Lua that will be compiled into an app for Android, iOS or Windows Phone devices. – With both technologies combined you can easily make a cross-platform development environment by building out one interface on top of Corona where user input triggers events from App inventor components like buttons and sliders. Then when it comes time to export your game as a native application, just load up the project in either Xcode (for iOS) or Eclipse (for Android). * * *


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