cost slope can be determined by dividing the,

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Do you need to find the slope of a line? It can be tricky, but this article will walk you through it. You’ll learn to calculate slope and get your answer in two simple steps! One step is to find the two points on the line that you need. You can do this by drawing a line and plotting two points, as shown below: The coordinates of point A are (0, 0) while point B has coordinates (-14, -17). These values will be used in our next calculation! The other step would be to calculate slope using one equation. This works because all lines have a slope between zero and infinity: 𝛽=m/b where m = rise over run or y axis minus x axis; b = horizontal distance from origin. Now we plug in our numbers into the formula for calculating slope and end up with an answer of 𝛽=12/-21 which comes


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