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The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home, and it’s also one of the messiest. One way to make it a little more tidy is by installing a countertop trash can – but what are some reasons why you should go with this particular type? Start reading now to find out! Countertop trash cans are a great solution to the problem of needing more than one garbage can in your kitchen. You’ll always have something ready to go because they come with an attached lid, making it easier for you and less messy! The top is made out of a hard plastic that’s also pretty durable so they’re safe from any spills or accidents – but make sure not to use them outside where there might be animals trying to get at food scraps inside! They’re easy on the eyes too, which will help conceal the visual messes as well! Installing countertops trash cans in your kitchen couldn’t be simpler; just measure how wide the space is between two cabinets (or other structures), then divide by 12 inches. This


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