counting the ways to where you are,

sunset, dusk, silhouette @ Pixabay

It is often said that the present moment is all we ever have, but too often we are not fully present. We are distracted by our thoughts of what has been and what might be. If you spend time in nature, you will notice how little it takes to bring us back into the now: just a few birds singing or a gentle breeze rustling through leaves can remind us of how beautiful life really is. We are here, now. * * * The next sentences of the content would be about how to find that place in nature where you can just enjoy being present and share it with others. You might share a memory from your own life or talk about some recent research on mindfulness and meditation. If the page is written for children, you might have an illustration showing them what they should do when they feel like their thoughts are taking over their body (like Drifting off into daydreams). This could show the character sitting on a bench by themselves looking out at something beautiful while breathing deeply: slowing down their breath slows down their mind as well. The text beneath this image may suggest that if we notice our thoughts are racing too fast


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