couples who are passionately in love most frequently communicate intimacy by means of,

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What is the secret to keeping a long-term relationship passionate? Communication. And we’re not talking about just plain old communication, but rather these 12 tactics for couples in long term relationships that will keep things fresh and exciting! 1) Share your day with each other—If you want to know what’s really going on in your partner’s head, it helps to tell them what’s going on in yours. Sharing one another’s daily routines can help both of you feel more connected and invested in the life of their significant other. A) Daily routines might include the following: “What time did you wake up?” “How was your morning with the kids?” “Did anything interesting happen at work today?” “Do you want to talk about it or just get coffee instead? I’ll go put on a pot.” “I’m glad we could both be home together, and that’s what matters most!” It is important for couples in long term relationships to have an open line of communication. It will help them grow closer over time by learning more about each other. Additionally, if there are any problems they can discuss these and come up with solutions before things escalate into arguments. With so many choices out there – from texting apps like iMessage or WhatsApp to


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