courage lies with the hopeful girl who waits for her friend,

woman, portrait, model @ Pixabay

“The Girl Who Waits for Her Friend” is a story about friendship, perseverance, and hope. It tells the tale of a young girl who waits at her friend’s house every day after school until her friend comes home from work. One day she sees him; he looks different but still has his same smile that makes everything better. The next day, the girl waits at her friend’s house again. Her friend does not come home from work and she has to go home because it is dark outside. The days after that, the same thing happens; he comes home one day but never on any other day of the week which makes her feel very lonely and sad. She continues waiting for him every day until a few months pass by and then she sees someone walking out of his door who looks exactly like him! She recognizes this person as some guy in their class so she goes up to them asking if they are her friend’s dad? He tells her that he is just a neighbor who always walks down this street with his dog while going on long walks everyday.


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