craig david where are you now,

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Craig David has been a pop sensation for over 20 years, and his latest release is the first album in 8 years. His fan base is still going strong, but he’s not really on social media these days. We want to know what Craig David is up to! Bullet Point: Craig David is still making music, but he’s not on social media. The next sentences of the content are below. You can add numbers and bullet points if desired. * The release is his first album in eight years*. *It was well received by critics and fans alike.* *He didn’t go too hard on social media to promote it which prompted a lot of questions about what he was up to.* *In an interview with Tim Westwood over New Year’s Eve, Craig revealed that he will be releasing new material soon as well as working on a live tour.* He has also been back into rap mode lately collaborating with artists like Giggs for their track “


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