crazy ex-girlfriend why is josh in a bad mood?,

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He’s been in a bad mood all week. You might think he has a lot on his plate at work, or that something you said set him off. But chances are it’s not as simple as that. Josh may be showing signs of depression- and if left untreated, the condition can worsen over time. Read this blog post for five reasons why Josh might be in a bad mood- and what you can do to help him out! “I’m in a bad mood because __.” -My job is stressing me out, and I don’t know how to cope. -We’re fighting all the time about stupid things. -I’ve been feeling really low for a few weeks now, and can’t seem to snap myself out of it. -It’s hard to be happy when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through. -The people around me are always making everything worse by trying to add their own two cents into my problems instead of just listening or helping when they ask! There have got to be five reasons Josh might be in a bad mood this week, but we’ll keep guessing at them until he


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