crazy is as crazy does,

furious, upset, person @ Pixabay

This blog post is a reflection on the saying “Crazy is as Crazy does.” The first part of this blog post will be about how crazy can lead to success. After that, we’ll explore some examples of people who have done crazy things and been successful. We hope you enjoy the read! -For example, if you were a teacher in the early 1900’s who believed that kids should be taught to read using phonics instead of sight words, then teaching this way is pretty crazy. But it may have led to some success for you and your students! -Or what about an employee at a large company who was brave enough to go outside their comfort zone by suggesting they try something new? This person did crazy things and succeeded because innovation can lead to success when done well. The first part of my blog post will explore how “Crazy” has been successful for many people over time while the second section will show examples ways where someone doing something “crazy” leads them towards success. This article explores how we


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