criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot,

handcuffs, prisoner, crime @ Pixabay

Stealing is an age old crime that has never been solved. People have tried for centuries to figure out how to stop it, but the only thing they’ve managed to do is make themselves rich in the process. These people are criminals and they need our help! In this blog post we will offer 12 compliments that may encourage them to change their ways and do something more productive with their lives. -You’re brave! You have the courage to do something that’s illegal because you know there are risks involved. a) Good for you, it means you’ve got a strong moral compass. b) In a way, I respect your willingness to take the risk of doing something bad when so many people would be too scared to even try. c) It takes guts and conviction for someone to break the law like that in order achieve their goals. d) Well done – how can we help? What is it about this world that makes you want to steal from others? We really need more people like you who are willing to go out on an edge (figuratively speaking).e)-I’m sorry


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