crooklyn cast where are they now,


Where are the members of the Crooklyn cast now? Well, we have some answers for you. The cast of the sitcom that aired from 1994-1998 was made up of six main actors: Angela Bassett, Bobby Brown, Daniel J. Travanti, Stacey Dash, Michael Rapaport and Robin Harris. The series was set in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It reflects on several themes including multiculturalism and poverty as well as drug abuse and violence. The show has been praised for its realistic portrayal of African American life during the mid 1990s time period. There are six main characters that starred in this sitcom about a family living in the borough of Brooklyn: three brothers (Raj, Randy, Duane) who live with their mother Bonnie; their father Pops is often seen but rarely talked to or invited into conversations by his wife). Secondary Characters: Lisa Fisher played Betty Jean “BJ” Thorton Jackson her best friend Vanessa Lee Jordan played Olivia Charles Iman


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