crosby, stills & nash for what it’s worth,


“For what it’s worth, I found out that somebody doesn’t like me.” The opening lyrics to the song ‘It’s Worth Listening To’ by Crosby, Stills & Nash set up a theme that is echoed throughout the rest of the song. There are many reasons why people might dislike you- your personality traits, your behaviors or even just because of who they are. Learning how to deal with those feelings and emotions can be difficult for some people and this blog post will give you 11 steps on how to handle those situations! Some people may dislike you for your personality traits or behaviors and this is a tricky situation because it can be difficult to change those things about yourself. The first step in dealing with these feelings is acknowledging that there are other reasons why someone might not like you besides the ones they have mentioned, but if you cannot find any way to make them happy then maybe their opinion of you should just stay between the two of you! If they continue to bring up issues with how much time you spend on social media, try limiting your usage- set aside certain times where using Facebook isn’t allowed so that it doesn’t become an outlet for boredom. For example: from Monday-Friday from noon until Thursday at midnight. Even though some people don


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