cross bridges are created when myosin heads bind to,

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Cross bridges are created when myosin heads bind to, and detach from, actin. This process is essential for muscle contraction and relaxation. The problem with cross bridges though is that they can slow down the rate of movement in a muscle fiber which can then lead to fatigue. For this reason, it’s important that you know how to minimize them so that your muscles don’t start getting tired as quickly! -Slow down your repetitions when you’re lifting weights. This will allow for less cross bridges to form and fewer breaks in muscle contractions which can decrease fatigue time. -Do more reps with shorter rest periods between sets of exercises. Same idea as the first point! The quicker that you get back into it, the less potential there is for excessive cross bridges from forming and slowing down movements. Plus this helps increase endurance too since muscles are being used over a longer period of time without lengthy breaks in between each set of exercises. One thing I want to mention about reducing these pesky little things: You might be tempted to take some supplements but don’t do it! Supplements such as Vitamin C or any other antioxidants can


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