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Vanilla is a flavor that has been enjoyed for centuries, and not just because of its ability to make your dishes taste good. Vanilla was the most prized spice in medieval Europe, with only high-ranking nobles able to afford it. The term “vanilla” comes from the word vaina—the Spanish word for “vase”—and refers to the pods used to extract vanilla flavoring. Today, you can find many different types of vanilla creme at Crown of Will! This content is not yet final. It’s being continuously edited and refined as we speak, so check back soon for updates! * __ * – When choosing your ingredients, be sure to use the freshest possible produce every time – from fruits and vegetables to meats and seafoods. Because they are perishable items that can spoil if left out at room temperature too long, it is important you keep them in a cool place (the fridge or freezer) until you’re ready to prepare or cook with them. Not only will this help maintain their freshness better than leaving them on a countertop would, but also ensure nothing goes bad before its expiration date due to improper storage.* __ *


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