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The Crown of Will is a book about the power of our will, and how we can use it to achieve amazing things. This is not just an ordinary self-help book, though! The Crown of Will tells the true story of King Henry VII and his quest for the crown while overcoming incredible odds. Henry VII’s life was one full of challenges, from being forced into exile at age 13 to leading a rebellion against Richard II in order to claim his rightful throne as king. Throughout his reign he faced many difficulties including wars with France and Scotland that cost him dearly in treasure and blood. Yet still he persevered until finally all England acknowledged him as their rightful king..and created history by becoming the first Tudor king. It is my hope that you will take the lessons in The Crown of Will and put them to good use, whether it be through conquering your fears or achieving great things. I have no doubt that if Henry VII could do what he did with such limited opportunities and advantages then so can we! This blog post contains a bio, some introductory information about the book – including links to purchase on via our affiliate program – as well as an excerpt from chapter one for those who want a preview before purchasing their copy.]]


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