cruciverbalist is a 14-letter word for people who enjoy which hobby?,

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Cruciverbalism is a word that describes people who enjoy puzzles, such as crossword and sudoku. If you are one of these people, then you might be interested in this article. In it we will discuss the origins of cruciverbalism and some strategies for solving more difficult puzzles. The word cruciverbalism is a portmanteau of the words “cross” and “word”. The first known use of this term was in 1934, when it appeared in an issue of American Speech. In that article, author Oliver Bell described crosswords as being more challenging than other types of puzzles because they require participants to rely on vocabulary knowledge rather than just skills like pattern recognition or logic. To solve these sorts of puzzles you need to be knowledgeable about language and how different letters correspond with certain sounds so that you can figure out what’s being represented by each letter. For instance, if there are two squares which have three circles inside them then D might stand for dog since those are typically symbols for dogs within English-


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