ctrl+b, ctrl+], and ctrl+u are all shortcut keys for formatting paragraphs.,

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Ctrl+b, ctrl+], and ctrl+u are all shortcut keys for formatting paragraphs. Try them out on this paragraph to see what they do! The first thing you’ll want to do is highlight the text that you’re interested in formatting. Once it’s highlighted, press ctrl+. This will make your selected text bold without having to type a b before it. It can also be used with other attributes like italics or underlined text. If you wanted the whole paragraph to be bolded instead of just one word, then press shift+ctrl+. Similarly, if you just want some words within a sentence to be italicized or underlined, cursor over the individual word(s) and press ctrl+. If you want an entire sentence to be italicized or underlined, then highlight the desired text and press shift+ctrl+. Ctrl+u is a shortcut for removing any formatting that has been applied. So if there’s bolded text in your paragraph and you don’t like it anymore, just go ahead and use this keyboard shortcut. Finally, ctrl-shift_] will let you create bulleted points within your content without having to type out the whole list beforehand. All of these useful shortcuts should help make typing easier! ]] This will make all remaining paragraphs after it one line shorter by adding extra space between them (i.e., double spacing). You can also decrease/increase the


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