cultural competence is a therapist’s understanding of, and attention to, ________.,

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Cultural competence is a therapist’s understanding of, and attention to, cultural differences. Cultural competency varies from person to person and may be influenced by race, gender identity or sexual orientation. It also includes awareness of the language spoken at home and in the community (i.e., English vs. Spanish), religion or spirituality practiced by the client (i.e., Christianity versus Islam). Cultural competency includes knowledge of the beliefs, attitudes and practices that may be important to a person’s culture. The following is an example: For African-Americans, how they feel about themselves or their worth can depend on what kind of attention they receive from others in their relationship with them (i.e., good communication skills). If someone sees Africa Americans as having low intelligence or being violent because these are all they hear about African Americans then it will not take much for this perception to become reality even if none of those perceptions are true. It could also lead to people feeling different than other people which leads back into feelings such as shame and anger depending on who the person feels like he/she should be but isn’t based off


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