cultural patterns that are widespread among a society’s population are referred to as,

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What is a norm? Norms are cultural patterns that are widespread among a society’s population. They can be defined as the shared beliefs, customs and practices of people in a particular society. The study of norms has been around for centuries and it has become clearer with time why they have such an important role to play in shaping our lives. In this blog post we will explore some of these cultural patterns and what their significance is on us as individuals living within them. A norm can be anything from a behavior, to an idea or value. One example of norms is the way we dress in public. For instance, if you were walking down a busy street and saw someone wearing sweatpants with their hoodie pulled over their head even though it was sunny outside this would likely raise some questions for you because they are not dressed appropriately for that setting. This type of social interaction would help us all know what “normal” looks like and quickly identify when something doesn’t seem right at first glance. The significance of these types of norms is that by following them we’re able to live much more safely than if people did whatever they wanted without thinking about how others might perceive them. In other words, there’s safety


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