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“Aha!” Words: How to Transition from Feelings of Catharsis, Empathy and Elation Toward a Positive Course. It is important to note that it is not uncommon for those who are experiencing an intense cathartic experience such as the release of anger or sadness, to feel empathetic towards their own emotions and others’ reactions in the aftermath. This can lead to elation at having expressed strong feelings which may be followed by a negative course once they have come down from this high or “high-low.” If you find yourself feeling this way after an emotional outburst, here are some words that might help you transition away from these feelings back into positivity. Feelings of elation, empathy and catharsis are normal after intense emotional events such as the release of anger or sadness. Often when we experience these feelings in full force, they can lead to an “high-low” mood swing where you may feel like everything is great before coming crashing down later on. If this describes your current mood state, try using words that remind yourself to focus on positive thoughts rather than dwelling too much on how you’re feeling right now. The following phrases have been shown to help: In order not fall into a deep depression afterward it’s important to remember things will get better if you take care of yourself with positive self talk (or even affirmations) during times of sad emotions; for


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