culture is most likely to be a liability when ________.,

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Culture matters in cross-cultural assignments. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before you jump in. Here are three reasons why culture matters: first, it can be a liability because of cultural misunderstandings; second, it can be an asset because of increased understanding and respect for diverse perspectives; third, the experiences you have will make your resume more interesting. The first point is that culture can be a liability because of cultural misunderstandings. For example, in Japan it’s considered good manners for the boss to give their employees gifts (a practice known as burendei) so even if an employee doesn’t want one they feel obligated to accept it anyway. This may not work out well when your company policy forbids giving or receiving any gift worth more than $25! Unbeknownst to me I was also committing social suicide by wearing jeans and sneakers to my new office – clothes that people wear at home but never on duty. I’d been warned about this before starting the job, yet had no idea what kind of clothing would be appropriate instead. The second point is that culture


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