culture is most likely to be a liability when,

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“Culture is an organization’s heart and soul. It sets the tone for how people relate to one another and defines who they are as individuals.” -Peter Drucker We all know that culture can be a huge asset for our organizations, but what about when it becomes a liability? If your company has had some recent challenges with cultural issues, this blog post is here to help you out! In this blog post we will go over 5 reasons why culture can be a liability. -The first reason why culture can be a liability is when it starts to feel like the bureaucracy, and this idea of “process before people” takes over. The second reason why culture becomes a liability is when there are major generational differences that create an us vs them mentality. Next up on our list we have corporate greed where profit trumps all else including employees needs for safety and security in their jobs. Then you have celebration fatigue which happens when work life balances take precedence over fun events or celebrations within company walls. Finally, organizational silos happen when people don’t communicate with each other properly due to different areas focusing solely on themselves instead of collaborating as one cohesive unit.” What makes your organization’s culture so great? Comment below!


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