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Have you played Cuphead? This game is super addicting and requires a lot of skill. If you are having trouble, check out this blog post for some parrying tips! Tip #[num] – If you have a chance to parry, do it! Parrying is the best way to avoid damage and get your health back. * Tip #0: You can’t parry if you are too close or far away from an enemy. * Tip #22: Enemies usually don’t attack at the same time so try to always watch one of them closely for when they will strike next. * Tip #33: If you are close enough to an enemy, you will see a purple swirl around them. This means they are about to attack and that is your chance! Conclusion: Parrying in Cuphead can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing. Luckily we have some tips for parrying enemies here on our blog post so check it out before playing the game again. Have fun! Tip #[num] – If you want more content from us, please subscribe below! You’ll get periodic updates with new articles like this one as well as the latest videos of ours. We hope these parry tips help make Cuphead feel less challenging for all players! ? Subscribe Now ?? @topic


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