Online Keno for Money in UAE: Comparison, Review, and Ranking for Choosing the Best Option


Looking to play Keno for cash online in the UAE? We’ve got you covered! This blog post will assess, evaluate, and rate the top options for playing the best online Keno in UAE. We’ll also offer some practical advice on what to consider while selecting an online Keno provider. This guide will help you to learn which options are best for playing online Keno for money in UAE, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginning player. 

What is Online Keno?

Keno is an ancient lottery-style game played for centuries. The rules are simple: pick a set of numbers and wait to see if they are drawn. If they are, you have won! Thus, you can play online Keno for real money in UAE.

There are numerous online Keno games to pick from, but they all function similarly. Before you can begin playing, you must first create an account and deposit money into it. After that, you can decide how much you wish to stake on each drawing and then select your numbers.

Due to strict Islamic regulations, Keno is illegal in the UAE. Yet, it is nonetheless widely practiced there, particularly in cities like Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain. You should use a VPN to play if you reside in any of these regions.

Online Keno’s odds of winning vary based on the game and how many spots you choose, but they are often very slim. The good news is that playing requires no expertise because luck alone determines the outcome. Thus, anyone can triumph at any time!

Best Online Keno in UAE: Comparison and Review

Keno is available at many different online casinos, but they can be completely different from each other. To save you time, we’ve researched and created a list of the best online Keno in UAE. 

For you to see what each casino offers before signing up, we’ve also prepared in-depth reviews of each. We’ll talk about things like game selection, bonus deals, and customer service in our reviews.

So if you’re prepared to try your luck at an online casino that offers Keno, keep reading to learn about our top suggestions and which casino is best for you.

1 Desert Diamond 

Desert Diamond is a fantastic option for you if you want to play online Keno with virtual money. You can play various games on Desert Diamond and quickly and cheaply convert your virtual currency to real money. Desert Diamond is available in both English and Arabic versions. You can also play with buddies on this website, and there are many different game alternatives. Desert Diamond also accepts players from the UAE and other nations. Credit cards and debit cards are just two of the many payment methods used by Desert Diamond.

2 betObet

One of the top online casinos for UAE residents is betObet, which has a 4.7/5 user rating. The website has an Arabic version and provides round-the-clock customer service in that language. They provide a selection of games and accept bitcoins in addition to more traditional payment methods. On this list, they are ranked number four.

3 888

The online Keno site 888 Casino is accessible to gamers from all over the world. This website offers a massive selection of games, including online Keno, and accepts several currencies. 888 Casino is an excellent option if you’re looking for an online Keno site that welcomes UAE citizens. On this website, you may play Keno for real money online. You can also convert your digital money into actual cash. A progressive jackpot at 888 Casino has a high cap of millions of dollars. This website is user-friendly and offers a variety of games. The 888 Casino website is also available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

4 Betway 

Betway was founded in 2006 and has since established itself as a top sportsbook and online casino. The highly recommended gaming site is accessible to citizens of the UAE and features many games, including Keno games. It boasts a sizeable welcome bonus offer that provides a sign-up bonus of up to $2000. It is ranked number two on this list.

5 Rabona 

Rabona Casino came on board in 2019. But don’t be fooled by this casino’s youth. More than 15 profitable online casinos are run by Rabidi NV, the main firm in this business. It’s safe to say that Rabona Casino provides players in Arab nations with one of the most comprehensive selections of promos in the area, with seasonal awards regularly being added. Although moving up the VIP program’s tiers takes some time, you can take advantage of the regular daily and weekly promotions. In addition to standard payment methods, Rabona also accepts cryptocurrency payments. On this list, it is ranked the best online Keno in UAE.


It can be challenging to select the best Keno online casino UAE, but our comparison and evaluation should have helped you. Our best choice is Rabona, which has many features and games to keep gamers entertained. However, if you’re searching for a simple and enjoyable way to earn money, any choices on our list are also worth exploring.

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