Washington DC

April 12, 2019

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Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — 

Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — Marcus Allen — 

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur born in Greensboro, NC and graduated from NCA&T with a degree in Supply Chain Logistics. With his best friend, Brandon McEachern, they founded the popular social enterprise Broccoli City with the goal of improving way of life in urban communities through mobilization, which has blossomed in an annual celebratory event, Brocoli City Weekend. Marcus has also successfully opened a trendy southern restaurant, launched Blackleaf Organic Vodka, and started boutique experiential marketing agency called Think Broccoli.

Marcus is also co-owner of Broccoli Bar, a partnership between &Pizza and Broccoli City which was built as a place to build community, gather, share and manifest ideas, inspire change, eat, and drink.

In addition, Marcus was recognized by Stanford University as one of the top social innovators in the world during their Executive Program for Social Entrepreneurs.

Main Hall — 11:30am

Creative Responsibility is Social Responsibility: A Deep-Dive Into One of DC's Premier Partnerships

&pizza and Broccoli City will discuss their shared passion for social good and the concept of social responsibility in the creative field. In Broccoli City's world, that means balancing the popular festival it's known for with the brand's philanthropic efforts. For &pizza, it means using its position to support the communities the company inhabits because that's the right thing to do. The conversation will also touch on the genesis of Broccoli City and &pizza's collaborative space, Broccoli Bar, as well as the responsibility black creatives and entrepreneurs often face. Whether black creatives are in an ownership positions or supporting brands, their work is sometimes thought to represent more than even they may intend it to.
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