Washington DC

April 12, 2019

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Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — 

Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — Kim Bryden — 

Kim Bryden is the CEO & Founder of Cureate. For over a decade, she has worked in the food and beverage industry from government to Fortune 500 retail management, to food-tech startup. Cureate exists to shift purchasing dollars back into our local economies — while empowering small business owners to survive and thrive through education and access to resources.

With an ever-present mission to create more interconnected, economically vibrant communities, the team built Cureate Connect; a one-stop local procurement platform where big business and institutional buyers can seamlessly find, vet and price compare product offerings from a variety of local and regional makers.

In addition to these pursuits, Kim is a radio host with Full Service Radio at The Line Hotel DC. Her show, The Tidbit, features tidbits of knowledge on starting and running a small business with a food & beverage lens. She is also member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers, Sandbox Network, Camp Campbell for Female Founders, Future Leaders, and she is a #foodporn actress - yes, that's right! Watch her debut in minibar by José Andrés: A Day in the Life.

Main Hall — 9:30am

Farmers Market to Fortune 500: How Big Business Can Repair Our Broken Supply System

What are the impacts of centralized, global supply chains and tech companies creating behemoths of vertical and horizontal integration? Across industries, our current supply system is broken — food and beverage serving as a prime example.

The miles food travels from farm to plate matters. It results in increased carbon emissions, packaging, and use of preservatives. Not only are these major issues, but moreover, this leads to an increased consolidation in the food service industry, meaning fewer regional providers and therefore fewer opportunities for local businesses. Additionally, the availability of quality food within underserved communities is sacrificed at the hands of outdated procurement models that value low prices and just a handful of suppliers. This all adds up to a system that takes money from local economies, fails to support local job creation, and – instead – goes to the monolith.

So how do we add dimension and perspective to our supply chains? We envision a brighter future; one that features a new model that best serves our communities.

Food and beverage industry expert, and Cureate Founder & CEO, Kim Bryden lays out the landscape of our current supply system; presents the challenges we face in repairing it; and discusses how fostering connections between small business, large enterprise, and city officials will allow us to build an effective, democratic supply system that better serves us all. Throughout the talk, Kim will provide supporting statistics and anecdotes from her 10+ years of experience in the industry, and you will walk away with a new perspective on how goods go from ground to grub, the impacts this process has on your community, and specific actions you can take as a community leader to be a part of building a new system.

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