The Brief Guide That Makes Starting an eSports Team Simple


If you’re a gamer with a huge passion for competition, you’ve probably considered starting an eSports team at some time in your life. Which is great! Esports is a very fun way to connect with others, gain popularity, and make money doing what you love.Clan web hosting is a type of web hosting that provides servers and software designed explicitly for gaming clans and guilds and its importance for esports teams. Minecraft Prison Servers are all about creating a fantastic Minecraft community.

But with that being said, there’s a ton of stuff that goes into making it big in the eSports gaming industry that often goes unnoticed. One of those is how to go about building a team.

So in this guide, you’ll know (almost) everything you need to know about starting a team!

What Game(s) are You Aiming to Play?

So you’re looking to go pro at gaming– how exciting!

There’s just one question you have to ask yourself first: what game are you going to go pro at? The gaming industry is huge right now and eSports has seemingly skyrocketed in popularity. Knowing that, it’s obvious that some games are in much higher demand than others.

But don’t let that sway you. If there’s a game you’re set on and love with all your heart, go for it. Don’t let popularity hinder you. 

Chances are you might even find a handful of games to be good at. However, we recommend starting and perfecting one rather than spreading your time throughout a few.

What’s Your Goal?

Next, you’ll want to create a goal. This goal can be long-term or short-term, depending on how passionate you are about becoming a professional gamer.

Be real with yourself. Can you see yourself competing at international world tournaments where hundreds of teams compete in front of millions of viewers? Or do you prefer staying at local tournaments?

Once you establish that, you should have a good sense of where you see your team going.

Create an Esports Team Identity

Every team has its own unique identity. Yours should too.

Create a name and logo for your team that’s synonymous with who you are as people and what you stand for. Make it relevant to the game(s) you’ll be playing. 

Also, take this time to create a website and social media page for fans to interact with you. If you plan to go big, you’re going to want to have connections with your fans. During this stage, you might even want to consider a name for your fanbase!

If you need help starting your website and grabbing the attention of fans and players alike, please click here.

Market Online to Grab Players

No team is complete without players! So go out and find some.

Probably the best place to find players to suit your liking is within your own friend’s group. If you’re starting off small– this is probably the best way to recruit teammates. Just be mindful that there are times when friendships are broken over these teams.

You can also market on social media websites or gaming community websites to look for team members. Apps like Reddit are a great place for this.

Practice Together

Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it sure does make things more comfortable. You’ll need to practice with your team to find out how your playstyles complement each other. That’s if they even do at all.

Use this time to try out players on different roles, try out different strategies, and work out a plan to get to where you want to go.

Expand Your Team and Find Sponsorships

Expanding your team involves finding agents, managers, trainers, and the like. Though you probably won’t need this from the get-go, you’ll definitely want it down the line once you all rise in popularity.

Funds also need to be thought over. Who is going to buy gaming equipment? Who is going to pay the fee to participate in a tournament?

You should have a clear understanding of where money will come from. Later down the line, you might even get a sponsorship offer. You can try applying for one right off the bat but it’s generally better to wait until your team is more established.

Making It Big

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of how to start an eSports team. Now all there’s left to do really is practice and apply for tournaments. 

Go out there and make your name heard by players and fans around the world. Hone your skills so you can dominate others online.

To learn more about gaming and eSports, be sure to visit the ‘other’ section of our blog.


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