The Science Behind Environ and the Importance of Vitamin A


Our skin is exposed to various external influences every day. Wind, rain, snow, sun, genetics, and the way of eating and living can accelerate the aging of the facial skin or cause changes in it. Proper facial care is critical because it is the only way to slow aging and keep the facial skin smooth and beautiful.

To keep your skin healthy, you must regularly clean and hydrate it with appropriate and high-quality skin care products that suit your skin type. That’s why learning which products are eco-friendly, natural, and safe is extremely important. 

Taking care of your skin’s health is an essential part of the self-care routine that you can’t overlook. That’s why we’ve decided to explore one of the most popular skincare products on the market nowadays – Environ. We will also discuss why this brand uses vitamin A and its benefits. 

A short history of Environ

Environ is a globally famous skincare brand mainly built on care, beauty, and science-backed facts about maintaining your skins’ health and beauty. This brand is not only interested in selling products. Their main goal is to provide people worldwide with the best possible Environ skin care products to rehabilitate, revive, and restore every skin type regardless of gender and age. 

This well-known brand decided to deal with a problem many ignore: the lack of vitamin A. Many people today do not know that most of the major skin problems they face come from damage from sun exposure and aging.

Almost all skin problems are caused by vitamin A deficiency. That’s why the founder and developer of this product and brand decided to use scientific facts and evidence to create a skin care product to solve many people’s problems.

Environ combines beauty with science

Besides vitamin A, Environ is also rich in antioxidants that promote the cleansing of toxins and, in combination with vitamin A, help skin cells to regenerate, become thick, and stay healthy for a lifetime. This product is fantastic because not only women in their sixties can benefit from it. 

Environ is excellent for all skin types, and there are no specific age limits, so even girls in their twenties can use these products to protect their skin from all internal and external influences and slow down the aging process. 

Since Environ is created and backed up by scientific facts, even men can use their products because no specific and unique skincare routine separates women from men’s skin. 

Overall benefits of vitamin A

Vitamin A is a necessary nutrient for many vital functions in the body. This vitamin deserves the title of the king of vitamins because it is crucial for controlling the growth and development of epithelial tissue, protecting cell membranes, and preventing infections and uncontrolled tissue swelling. 

As a potent antioxidant, it plays a vital role in protecting and strengthening immunity. By preserving the skin’s and mucous membranes’ health, vitamin A prevents the entry of microbes, viruses, and other disease-causing agents into the body. 

As we have already mentioned, vitamin A is the most important for maintaining healthy skin. It benefits the outer and inner layers of the skin, especially on skin with visible damage from external influences and aging.

The effects of vitamin A on the skin

Here’s why vitamin A benefits your skin’s overall health and wellness. 

1. It improves the appearance of your skin

Vitamin A has derivatives that can help your skin revive its glow and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines often caused by a lack of collagen production. 

2. It can reduce damage caused by the sun

Vitamin A is also beneficial in reducing visible damage on the skin surface caused by environmental factors like UV radiation and pollution. It can practically erase sunspots and reduce signs of hyperpigmentation. 

3. It can treat acne

Vitamin A is also excellent in treating acne. It can help with adolescent acne just as it is beneficial for treating acne in adults. It can help remove dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin, and stimulate elastin and collagen production, an essential process in removing and preventing acne and pores. 

4. It can slow down the aging process

Since vitamin A improves elasticity and prevents wrinkles and black spots, it can help keep your skin looking young and soft for a long time. 

5. It can help treat severe skin conditions

Vitamin A has impressive results in treating various skin conditions like psoriasis, dryness, thickness, and rashes. 


Yes, you can add more food rich in vitamin A to your diet, but your skin deserves proper care. So, besides regular intake of vitamin A, you can also consider using quality cosmetics that will provide you with shiny and healthy skin for a long time. Do not skip your care rituals – use cosmetics that fit all skin types as Environ does. 


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