Ways to Decorate Your Home And reflect Your Style


It is always a pleasant experience when people come to know about us through our work and our style. Often, we forget that our personality reflects in the things that we do whether it is our dress up or our lifestyle. The way we live in our homes speaks a lot about us and is a great impression that stays in people’s minds forever. Our home portrays our personality and talks a lot about our choices and our character. That is the reason why it is all the more necessary to try and enhance its décor, updating ourselves and our home in the best possible way we can. 

The moment you choose to enhance the décor of your home, something within you makes you realize your potential and the creativity that lies inside of you. It also makes us aware of so many wonderful pieces that can upgrade our home decor like magic. One of the most wonderful and sought-after pieces is the flower vase. The flower is loved by all and it gives a refreshing feeling. It adds charm to the room along with a touch of glamour. The key to it is picking up the perfect vase that complements the blooms.

Usage of Mirrors to Decorate the Rooms

In the olden days, mirrors were used only to see one’s self and dress up. However, the modern trend demands the usage of mirrors to enhance the look of the room. These have become important elements in the design of a home. Standing mirrors are believed to transform the interiors of the room creating a unique space altogether. The following are the different ways to use the mirror in styling your room – 

Stationing a Floor Mirror

Placing a floor mirror in the bedroom will amp up the appearance of the room apart from checking your look in it. Therefore, find your favourite corner in the bedroom and station the floor mirror in that corner and let your room look elegant and stylish.

Mirror at the Entrance

The entrance way of the house is that part that has to look welcoming for people to come in. It is this entrance that can make an impression and also sets a tone regarding the rest of the rooms. A full-length mirror can be hung in the entryway to give a dramatic effect complimenting with the other décor present there.

Hallway Decoration

Placing a floor mirror will create an illusion making the room look bigger than it is. If your living area is a bit smaller, then you can go ahead with this piece of decoration and let your living area shine in front of your guests like you do.

You can also create your piece of art on the wall of the living area for visual interest by placing different shapes and sizes of mirrors breaking up a gallery wall in the room.

You can choose your style and place for placing a long mirror and create your unique look. Apart from the above spots, placing a large mirror in the dining area will ensure enough light to reflect on the room making it brighter and grander. You can also complement your dresser and closet with a mirror and upgrade the appearance fulfilling the purpose.


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