What you Need to Know about Penetration Testing


Cyber security is becoming an increasingly important part of the modern technology world. As technology advances, so does cyber security. Hackers can launch various types of attacks to gain entry into any network or system. Penetrate testing from professional service providers aims to simulate these attacks. What is penetration testing, and how is the process helpful to your company? Keep reading to understand more about this topic.

What Is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is the process by which an organization tests its security to determine whether vulnerabilities exist in its infrastructure. The process covers the theory of penetration testing, attack vectors, and essential components that are crucial to establishing a secure system.

Penetration testers will try to compromise your organization’s information systems. This shows how well protected your network is against outside parties who want to destroy data or compromise your organization through a network breach.

Penetration testing can be performed by either an internal team or external professionals like https://www.nettitude.com/hk/crest. However, proper consultation with legal professionals is vital before beginning the process.

Security problems detected by penetration testing

There are many types of security problems identified by penetration testing. They include;

1. Authentication bypasses

Authentication bypasses occur when a third-party gains access to your private servers. These issues are not always related to having lousy security systems. They can also arise from simple human errors. Authentication bypasses may also occur due to mistakes made in the authentication processor’s failure to validate data presented via an input field.

2. Session Hijacking

Session hijacking occurs when another person takes control of your session without logging into your account. For example, if you log onto Facebook and, let’s say your session does not expire for an hour, another individual may take over your account and post whatever they want under your name. They could also take over control of any assets associated with the account, such as email, social media accounts, or financial accounts.

3. Denial of service

This occurs when an individual attempts to shut down a network or system with any malicious intent. They may want to steal data, disrupt operations, extort money through ransom, etc. To protect against this type of cyberattack, organizations should have basic security systems that monitor their networks for suspicious activity during outages. The best companies can help your company update the security system to prevent any hacking.

4. Compromising Data

Every business has sensitive information that needs to be kept safe from unauthorized access. If an attacker gains access to your system’s data, whether financial records, personal details about employees or customers, it could have enormous consequences on your organization. It may even cause a loss in revenue if customers are unable to trust your services due to a security breach. By identifying potential breaches early on with penetration testing, any potential problems can be identified and resolved.

Final Thoughts

Penetration testing helps identify potential security issues and fix them before they happen. If you’re interested in penetration testing, it’s crucial to find a company that can monitor your system 24/7.


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