4 Modern Septum Ring Trends for Women to Keep you Rocking the Streets Effortlessly

Septum Ring Trends for Women

It’s about time fashion gets redefined with hot trends that rock it big in the streets. And while it’s a versatile idea, you might find piercings to your excellent taste. Better still, there’s no better way to be in the center of it all than donning on septum piercings for a gothic or a stark appearance. 2022 takes the septum piercing fashion to another level with grandiose trends that’ll make you pop out in style. Here are the trendy ways to dub on a septum ring for a head-turning look in the streets.

The bad Girl way

If you want to go all gothic or dub a subtly simple yet sophisticated look, this trend is for you. The style features a pearl hoop septum ring with all-dark makeup, a dark matte lipstick smearing, and dark eyelashes and brows. Whether you want to put on a tight-fitting dress with this elegant septum body jewelry to bring your curves out or a pair of denim jeans having a color of your choosing, be assured that nothing would fit wrong. For an extra gothic look, keep your face straight and eyes focused, and you’ll surely turn the heads around you.

The red Carpet Sleek

This trend fits people who want a much simpler but more subtle appearance. If you’re not comfortable with the detailing, a simple ring can do the trick for you. It’s among the elegant septum body jewelry that’ll keep you looking sharp and womanly effortlessly, giving you a slightly intimidating yet attractive stare. You’d best pop it out wearing red attire, perhaps a body-gripping dress or top.

The Coordinating Extras

The jewelry fashion can still drop down towards your neck and chest. You can pair your septum ring with a matching necklace to create a flowing pattern for the eyes. This matching pair of elegant septum body jewelry and a simple necklace makes you pop out in style. You could let the necklace rest against your bare chest skin or let it dangle on top of your clothes since there’s no bad way to do it when it comes to this trend.

Henna Makeup

If you don’t mind the extra ink on your face, a septum ring and henna combo can make you look incredibly trendy. Better yet, you can tag along with several small hoop earrings for a bolder and more sophisticated look. You could find some bolded patterns more appealing, curating them to your taste and style before pairing the artistry with either a gold or silver septum ring. Also, be sure to bold your eyebrows and perhaps, trim them for a complete head-turning look.


The septum ring fashion is becoming better by the day, and that rolls out more ornate and sophisticated style trends to rock the streets effortlessly. However, being comfortable in these styles comes down to personal tastes and preferences, so it’s imperative to find out which best suits you. Keep in mind that there are numerous styles you can find appealing, and therefore, you should be open to any trend that knocks on your doors.


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