create a following distance greater than 3 seconds ahead when,

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Following distance is an important factor in motorcycle safety. A safe following distance should be greater than 3 seconds ahead. This allows the motorcyclist to see any potential hazards or obstacles in the road, and react accordingly. Motorcycle safety is a very serious issue. It’s important to know how to practice safe riding in order to avoid injury or even death! Always make sure you’re aware of the road conditions, and be conscious about your speed and following distance ahead because it can save lives! Here are some tips that will help keep yourself as safe as possible: Always check for any hazards on the street or obstacles- double check before turning corners; Be aware of other vehicles around you, such as when merging onto highways from intersections; don’t drive at night if possible- dark roads can be difficult for motorists and cyclists alike. If there aren’t sidewalks available, walk near the side of the roadway where traffic cannot hit pedestrians who may


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