Designer jackets and blazers for the fashion-forward man


Soon, after a few months, winter will be full of festive seasons, marriage ceremonies, office celebrations, friends and family gatherings, and different social gatherings. This means it is finally the time to pack all summer wear and embrace designer blazers to walk down comfortably among your friends like a Mission Impossible’s, Brad Pitt. Besides blazers, you can also grab comfortable designer jackets for men to celebrate the best moments of your life.

Most men prefer designer blazers and designer jackets that are comfy, fussy, antique style, advanced coloured, accent shades, boyfriend style, cine mode, city wear, distressing, dandy style and retro.

Remember! K-Pop band BTS group members have worn designer blazers in their newly released song, ‘Yet to Come (the most beautiful moment).’ Their newly released song is a perfect example that all men wish to wear blazers and jackets. BTS Army is crazy over their melodious music and dancing beats; moreover, BTS Army was astonished by their fabulous outfits. The BTS group members looked perfect with their white coloured designer blazers. Their outfits were white blazers and jackets, and they danced like a clear cloud passing through on a sunny day. Among the group members, Jimin is known for wearing a designer jacket for men. As for now, we do not have the correct information about Jimin’s jacket brand or designer name. But then, Jimin is commonly seen wearing leather jackets in TV shows, video song albums, and Instagram photos update.

So then, how to select powerful designer blazers and designer jackets for men? Answering this could be way beyond the scope without physical measurement, knowing the size and interest of the person’s fashion style. However, there is good news for the men interested in venturing into designer blazers and designer jackets for men. We share some key areas to consider while selecting blazers or jackets.

Body Shape Types: Knowing your body shape is a criterion that you want to enter the fashion world. In general, there are three types of body shapes: triangular, oval, and inverted triangles. For example, if your body is triangular, you may need to select blazers or jackets that cleanly fit in the upper body and then extend below the waist.

Blazers and Jackets Colours: Choosing or being interested in the colours could be their own choice. But if your paint is incorrect, your famous clothing could be a disaster. You must consider the colours according to the skin tone such as green, yellow, light brown, dark or fair.

Blazers and Jackets Quality: Imagine! Wearing a woollen jacket in summer. This could be unbearable for men living in a place like Delhi. So, choosing the right quality like silk, wool, cashmere wool, leather, suede, linen, fur, cotton, denim, polyester, and satin should be considered. Choose the quality based on the weather and season.

Searching for the best designer clothing is one of the iconic things all men desire. Suppose you are considering getting the perfect size, colour, design and fuzzy designer blazers and designer jackets for men. In that case, you can effortlessly search and grab from the platforms like Nykaa Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop. Wear blazers and jackets like you own the fashion world.


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