Five Easiest Sports to Bet On


Even if you have never placed a sports betting wager in your life, you have probably noticed that NFL lines have started to make their way into your everyday life. Betting on the NFL is extremely popular every year, but there are other sports that are profitable to wager on as well. 

Most people that bet on sports tend to stick to the most popular sports, but that isn’t the smartest thing to do. Instead, focusing on the easiest sports to bet on should be the main focus, and yes, football is included in that list. 

Here is a list of the five easiest sports to bet on (in no particular order).


Even though the sports on this list are in no particular order, tennis is actually the first sport mentioned for a reason. People that bet on sports would tell you that tennis is the easiest sport to wager on, and there are a few reasons for that. 

One of the biggest reasons that tennis is one of the easiest sports to bet on is that there are tennis tournaments being played worldwide throughout the year. This is also a sport that doesn’t have a ton of upset in the first few rounds, and betting on favorites can be profitable. 


Soccer is another sport that is easy to wager on, and this is actually the most popular sport to wager on outside of the United States. It’s the most popular sport worldwide, and there are some great betting opportunities available when it comes to soccer. 

One reason that soccer is so profitable is because there are very few potential outcomes on a soccer match. Unlike with other sports, betting options on soccer are limited at times, and that usually makes it easier to make a good decision. 


Football, especially the NFL, is the most popular sport to wager on in the United States, and it’s also a sport that is pretty easy to wager on. There is so much information available when it comes to the NFL that bettors typically are able to make some pretty sound betting decisions. 

Sportsbooks also come up with new NFL betting options every single week it seems like, and those options can lead to some big wins for bettors. It still takes some research and sound decisions, but there is a chance to make some serious money when betting on the NFL. 


You might think that betting on golf is extremely hard, but you might not be making the right kind of golf bets that lead to wins. Picking the winner of a golf tournament is incredibly difficult, but that’s not the only betting option available when it comes to this sport. 

There are so many different ways to bet on the sport of golf that makes it pretty easy to wager on the action on the golf course. As long as you stay away from the difficult bets then you should find your way into some wins while betting on golf. 

Horse Racing

Betting on horse races is really how the sports betting industry started, and this form of entertainment dates back centuries. Horse race betting was always done in person at the race tracks, and similar betting action can be done today as well.

The biggest reason that horse race betting is so profitable is because there are very few major upsets in the sport. Horses that are the favorites on race day always seem to show up and deliver in the race, and that means a profit for most bettors. 

This might have been the first sports betting option but it remains a solid choice for bettors. 


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