Get Your Groove On: Khaidi No 150 Songs Download Guide!


Walking down memory lane and reminiscing about the golden era of Telugu cinema, one cannot overlook the megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback movie “Khaidi No. 150”. Released in 2017, this action-packed blockbuster not only set the box office on fire but also won the hearts of millions with its gripping storyline, powerful performances, and foot-tapping music. The soundtrack of “Khaidi No. 150” composed by Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad (DSP) was an instant hit, making it a must-have in every music lover’s playlist. So, if you are looking to relive the magic of this movie through its soul-stirring songs, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive guide on how to download Khaidi No. 150 songs.

Introduction to Khaidi No. 150 Songs

Before diving into the download process, let’s take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of the music in “Khaidi No. 150”. The album features a diverse range of songs that cater to various moods and occasions. From high-energy dance numbers to soulful melodies, each track has its own unique charm that adds depth to the narrative of the movie.

Steps to Download Khaidi No. 150 Songs

1. Choose a Reputable Platform

When it comes to downloading music, it’s crucial to opt for a reliable and legal platform to ensure the quality and authenticity of the songs. Platforms like iTunes, JioSaavn, Gaana, and Wynk Music are popular choices for downloading Telugu movie soundtracks.

2. Search for the Album

Once you’ve selected a platform, use the search bar to look for the “Khaidi No. 150” album. Most platforms categorize music based on languages and genres, making it easier to locate the desired soundtrack.

3. Select the Songs

After finding the album, browse through the list of songs featured in “Khaidi No. 150”. You can listen to previews of the tracks to familiarize yourself with the music before making a download decision.

4. Purchase or Download

Depending on the platform, you may have the option to either purchase the entire album or individual songs. Some platforms offer free downloads with ads, while others require a paid subscription for uninterrupted access to music.

5. Enjoy the Music

Once the songs are downloaded to your device, you can create playlists, set ringtones, or simply immerse yourself in the soulful tunes of “Khaidi No. 150” wherever you go.

Best Khaidi No. 150 Songs to Download

  • “Ammadu Lets Do Kummudu”
  • “You and Me”
  • “Ratthalu Ratthalu”
  • “Sundari”
  • “Khaidi No. 150 Title Song”

Benefits of Downloading Khaidi No. 150 Songs

  • Portability: Carry your favorite songs with you without the need for an internet connection.
  • Uninterrupted Listening: Enjoy music without ads or buffering issues.
  • Customization: Personalize your music library and create custom playlists.
  • Supporting Artists: Contribute to the work of talented musicians by legally downloading their music.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it legal to download Khaidi No. 150 songs for free?

Downloading copyrighted music for free from unauthorized sources is illegal and promotes piracy. It is advisable to use legitimate platforms for accessing and downloading music legally.

2. Can I download Khaidi No. 150 songs on my smartphone?

Yes, most music platforms offer mobile applications that allow users to download songs directly to their smartphones for offline listening.

3. How can I ensure the quality of downloaded Khaidi No. 150 songs?

Choosing reputable platforms and opting for higher-quality audio formats like FLAC or WAV can help ensure superior sound quality for the downloaded songs.

4. Can I share downloaded Khaidi No. 150 songs with friends?

Sharing copyrighted music files with others may infringe on copyright laws. It is recommended to encourage friends to legally purchase or stream the music themselves.

5. Are there any special offers or discounts for downloading Khaidi No. 150 songs?

Some music platforms may offer promotional discounts or special deals on movie soundtracks. Keep an eye out for such offers to make the most of your music downloads.


As fans continue to rave about the sensational comeback of Chiranjeevi in “Khaidi No. 150”, the music of the movie remains an evergreen favorite among audiences. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily download Khaidi No. 150 songs and immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies crafted by Devi Sri Prasad. Let the music of “Khaidi No. 150” transport you to a realm of cinematic bliss and nostalgia, making every listening experience a memorable one.


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