How To Have A Fantastic Smart IPTV Norge With Minimal Spending.


The best way to watch TV legally outside the US is by subscribing to an IPTV service. With a Smart IPTV Norge, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies on any device you like, all without paying anything more than what it already costs for access to TV channels with your internet connection.

Why would anyone want an IPTV? For starters, there are numerous legal channels available, with hundreds of channels in the Netherlands alone that cannot be accessed through traditional means. There are also good chances that many of these channels offer HD content that is not normally transmitted on airwaves.

But to get this content you have to have a decent internet connection. Many normal citizens are unable to get HD signals, so the real question here becomes, “how to get HD content with an HD TV?”

Very few things are more irritating than being forced to watch something of poor quality on your TV. While some may argue that it’s not possible to have anything better than mediocre quality on a television set without breaking the bank, I think it’s worth trying. We all know you can get HD content for free or at least very cheaply if you are the know-how. With a little bit of work, it’s possible to receive an HD signal from the airwaves, which means you won’t have to rely on your internet connection to decide if you should download something high quality or not. Is this the solution many people need? Not necessarily. But it’s definitely worth testing and making sure your TV can match your internet speed and display pictures and sound at its best.

NOTE: If you would like to get HD signals from the airwaves, please note that free HD channels are not available in all areas of the Netherlands. The best way is to ask Google about which HD channels are available in your area and where they could be found (in English).

Getting Free HD Channels On An IPTV Receiver

Now that we’ve established that we can get content in HD quality, we can start searching for a receiver. The good news is that there are a plethora of options out there and among them, some are free.

I recommend the Roku Streaming Stick (5500RX). It’s made by Roku and costs only $26. You can stream all your favorite channels with it and I haven’t seen any ads on it yet. The device is small and needs no plugin. You can find it here:

Just a note: I have not tried this device myself, so I cannot be sure if this is a good choice, but so far it’s the best option that doesn’t break the bank. There is a cheaper version available as well, the Roku Streaming Stick (3500RX), so if you don’t mind going down to 720p quality, you might as well go for that one as it still offers most of the content.

Once you have the stick (and hopefully an HD TV) all you need to do is connect it to your TV where you would normally find an HDMI port. You may use any other type of cable but HDMI is the best known and most compatible one. Then, make sure your receiver’s software is up to date and follow the on-screen instructions (they are very straightforward).

Once you’ve done all that, congratulations, you just got yourself access to over 1000 channels! I think that pretty much covers all of us. If this device does not work for some reason, there are many others just like it which offer similar features for free or at very little cost. I’ve found the most popular ones are Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Android TV Boxes, etc.

NOTE: If you have a budget of around $100 you might want to check out the Roku Streaming Stick (3500RX). For an additional $7 you get access to Netflix which is included in the subscription of over 100 HD channels.

Watching Live Television Free-of-Charge on an IPTV Receiver

Now that I’ve told you how to get HD content, that’s not all. You can also get live signals with some IPTV subscriptions that allow you to watch live television for free. There’s no better way to enjoy the latest shows than to watch it live as it happens, or at least very shortly after it happens. You shouldn’t miss out on that!

The real question is, “how can I watch live television channels on my PC?” Well, there are many software available for free (or at least very cheap) which allow you to use your computer as a TV. I personally use Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) which offers all the options you could ever need if you decide to use your PC as your TV. If your computer is hooked up to an HD television you’ll be able to enjoy quality content just like any other IPTV subscription would offer.


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