How to very efficiently calculate the area of a rectangle?


In the world of mathematics, the area of a rectangle is known as the region which has been covered by the rectangle into two-dimensional planes and a rectangle is a type of quadrilateral which is the two-dimensional shape that will be having four vertices and four sides. All the four angles of the rectangle right angles or equal to 90┬░ and the opposite side of the rectangle are equal as well as parallel to each other. It is also very much important for people to note down that parallelogram has opposite side is equal in parallel but all the angles are not 90┬░ and this is the very basic point of difference between both of these ships.

 The area of rectangle is basically the region that has been occupied by a rectangle within its four sides or boundaries and it will be depending upon different kinds of sides in the whole process. Basically, the formula for the area will be equal to the product of length and breadth of the rectangle and at the time of speaking of the perimeter, it is equal to the sum of all four sides. Hence, calculation of the area of a rectangle is very much important to be learnt by every kid because of the practical relevance associated with this particular shape and with the help of this particular formula everyone will be able to indulge in highly informed decision making throughout the process.

 The formula of finding out the area of the rectangle will always depend upon the length and width and the very basic system will be the multiplication of both of them. Kids need to note down that rectangle is a two-dimensional figure and there will be no scope of any kind of literal or total surface area in this particular case because of the basic properties.

 Following are the basic steps to be followed by people at the time of calculating the area of a rectangle:

  1. First of all, kids need to be clear about the basic dimensions of the length as well as width from the given data
  2. In the second step, kids need to multiply the length and width values
  3. In the third step, kids need to write the answer into the square units so that they can indulge in the right kind of decision making throughout the process without any kind of problem.

 Another very important way of calculating the area of a rectangle using diagonal has been explained as follows:

 Diagonal Square = length square + width square

 Hence, it is very much vital for people to be clear about this particular concept that a rectangle can be easily divided into two right-angled triangles by formulating a diagonal into it which will further help in providing them with a clear-cut idea of the basic derivation of the entire formula. Apart from this kids also need to be very much clear about the basic properties of the rectangle which will help in providing them with a clear-cut idea of the whole thing so that they will be on the right track of making the right kind of calculations and decisions.

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